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The Forgotten Warrior

by Kate Grafton 10 months ago in inspirational
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Ruined by Rumors

The Forgotten Warrior
Photo by Sammy Williams on Unsplash

Nothing seems real

But my heart still beats.

All I can do is feel

And remember all my feats.

It was all so great

Being agile and strong.

Until I met my fate,

In a battle not so long.

I don’t remember his face

But I remember how he defeated me.

I was put in my place.

Now all I want is to be set free.

Alone in the dark,

Thinking of what could have been.

My eyes void of light, barely able to grin.

Remembering my light that always had a spark.

Through all this pain,

A new kind of strength

Shall soon emerge.

Only when there is something to gain.

Then this journey shall end its length.

For years I have walked in the shadows,

Blind to every single eye.

Wishing I could find greener meadows,

But I know I will never qualify.

I must continue walking in the cold

Constantly reminded of all that has happened.

Hearing the tales that others have told,

The monster they have imagined.

I stand as a reminder to them as well.

How an innocent life can be twisted by another

By harsh words that are easy to sell.

But there are a few that still wonder:

Is it really true?

The only answer I can give

Is that I will always be the warrior

And that we will all learn to forgive.


About the author

Kate Grafton

I love writing poetry and fantasy stories. In high school I wrote my first novella and continue to write more.

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