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The Fire Within

Unleashing the Inner Fire of Motivation

By Hafsa JabeenPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

In the depths of night, when shadows loom,

And doubts assail, like waves that boom,

There lies a spark, a hidden gleam,

A flame of hope, in hearts unseen.

In the vast expanse of life's terrain,

Where trials and tribulations reign,

A soul ignites, with fervent might,

To conquer fear and scale the height.

Through valleys dark and mountains steep,

The journey's arduous, the path not cheap,

Yet, with resolve, unwavering and true,

The spirit soars, to vistas new.

Like the eagle soaring high above,

In search of dreams, in quest of love,

We rise above the stormy tide,

With faith as our compass, by our side.

In the echoes of the ancient rhyme,

We find the strength, beyond space and time,

For in each heart, a hero lies,

Awakening with dawn's first rise.

So let the flames of passion burn,

Let perseverance take its turn,

For in the crucible of strife,

We forge our destiny, with life.

In every setback, a lesson learned,

In every challenge, a bridge unburned,

With every step, we closer draw,

To the essence of our noble awe.

So let us heed the inner call,

And rise, like stars, above the thrall,

For in the depths of our soul's abyss,

Lies the boundless power of eternal bliss.

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    Hafsa JabeenWritten by Hafsa Jabeen

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