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Sensual Desire

The Dance of Sensation

By Hafsa JabeenPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

In the rhythm's embrace, I'm swaying wild,

A tempest in my soul, a longing untamed.

Whispers of passion, in the night's soft guise,

A dance with desires, in clandestine flames.

In the quiet calm, I hold my ground,

Yet tonight, I'm caught in a reckless spree.

Igniting the night, in a daring sound,

Will you match my tempo, in this reverie?

Unleash the storm within, let it be told,

If I lend you my time, will you hold my soul?

Don't linger in wait, come, take me whole,

To realms unseen, where fantasies unfold.

Ignite the fire, make me blaze,

Stir the embers, in passionate craze.

In the heat of the moment, let's find our ways,

Where hearts collide, in euphoric daze.

In the silent haven, let's linger tight,

No need to flee, just dwell in the night.

A sanctuary found, in each other's sight,

Let's savor the moments, in love's delight.

Let's fan the flames, let them soar,

In the depths of passion, we'll explore.

Make me sweat, make me hotter than before,

In the cascade of sensations, forevermore.

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Hafsa Jabeen

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    Hafsa JabeenWritten by Hafsa Jabeen

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