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"Threads of connections and joy"

By Damilola Phebe DomiPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Joshua Clay on Unsplash


In the tapestry of life, a thread so divine,

Woven with care, in a friendship's design.

A bond that blossoms, a flower so rare,

The value of friendship, beyond compare.

In the garden of moments, through sunshine and rain,

Friends are the anchors that keep us sane.

A mosaic of laughter, shared joy, and tears,

Friendship's embrace erases our fears.

Through the labyrinth of time, hand in hand,

We traverse life's journey, a united band.

A symphony of souls, a harmonious blend,

The value of friendship, a treasure to defend.

In the silence of understanding, words unsaid,

Friendship speaks volumes, a language widespread.

A comforting presence, a solace so deep,

In the heart's refuge, true friendships keep.

Through seasons of change, a steadfast light,

Guiding us through the darkest night.

In friendship's haven, we find reprieve,

A sanctuary where souls believe.

Kindred spirits dancing, a waltz of trust,

In friendship's embrace, we adjust.

For in the vast canvas of life's grand art,

Friendship is a masterpiece, a work of the heart.

So let us cherish, with gratitude and glee,

The profound value of friendship's decree.

A treasure untold, a bond so divine,

In the tapestry of life, a love that will shine.

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Damilola Phebe Domi

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  • ROCK 3 months ago

    Well choreographed!

  • This was such a wonderful poem! I loved it!

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