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spin me a tale

poem...content warning - it rhymes - haha!

By Paul StewartPublished about a month ago 1 min read
spin me a tale
Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

spin me a tale (of blood and more)

a tale of sin (of pain and gore)

of sin regale(introspect)

regale a tale(retrospect)

a tale to pale (intro... vert?)

to pale the face (extra...vert)

the face of all (start a start)

all who read (in the fall)

who read it all (stand tall)

all who read (daren't fall)

who read and fall (the pall, the bearer)

fall entranced (err-antic exoteric retraction)

entranced, silenced (esoteric extraction)

silenced and chilled (forward momentum)

chilled to their heart (remember colostrum?)

their heart as it beat (the heat, the energy)

as it beats err-antic (the cold, the atrophy)

err-attic and tragic (the fear, the entropy)

tragic dark magic (the tear, the catastrophe)

dark magic, pelagic

pelagic, seaward dram-a-tic


dive d e e pdown, dive d e e pdown

dive and d r o w n, d r o w n in sorr-ow

d r o w n in woe, as eyes of blue

surr-ound you, terr-or asunder

dark the wonder, if your breath

is your last, if your heart

beats its last, carve

yes, carve your, innermost...

everything, on your carcass

as you float down, and are caught d e e pdown

your testimony, your obituary


Thanks for reading!

Author's Notes: Forgot I had this one...cos I had posted it first elsewhere.

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About the Creator

Paul Stewart

Scottish-Italian poet/writer from Glasgow.

Overflowing in English language torture and word abuse.

"Every man has a sane spot somewhere" R.L Stevenson

The Accidental Poet - Poetry Collection is now available!


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Comments (5)

  • Grz Colmabout a month ago

    Doing my little noggin’ in again here Paul! Why u do this to me!? Hahah. Vertigo inducing! That format really takes us for a ‘spin’ (visually as well). 🌀

  • D.K. Shepardabout a month ago

    Another cacophonous piece of the highest order! Love the multiple personality like dynamic created with the parentheticals

  • John Coxabout a month ago

    You are really exploring the dark side today, Paul. This is both scary and disturbing. And naturally, as I always expect from you, absolutely original!

  • Interesting form

  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    Oooo, dark, intense and poignant! Me likey a lot! 🍩🥐

Paul StewartWritten by Paul Stewart

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