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By C. Rommial ButlerPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Top Story - February 2024
An alternate version of Atu XVI of the Tarot. "La Foudre" = Lightning. Here we see a tree rather than a tower, which shows that neither nature nor humankind escape change.

There are winged thoughts in me,

And I want to set them free.

A spirit crushed does not die

But lives on in infinite forms.


Focus just a little more.

Bend the will.

Strengthen the core.


I do not fear monsters

So much as becoming one.


Society is a labyrinth of mirrors

Designed to trap the soul.


The Tower

of Social Convention

and Moral Tradition

is built with stones,

but it is not

and never will be

the mountain

or bedrock

from which it is culled,

but remains always

a teetering edifice

rife for destruction

at the first good stroke

of lightning.


All it takes is a bright idea.




Just, a little more.


Bend the will.


Strengthen the core.

From the Rider-Waite Tarot.

More subtle jabs at, or perhaps from, the Arcanum:

surreal poetry

About the Creator

C. Rommial Butler

C. Rommial Butler is a writer, musician and philosopher from Indianapolis, IN. His works can be found online through multiple streaming services and booksellers.

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  • ROCK 22 days ago

    I have made reading more my goal this week and finally was able to immerse myself in this well deserved Top Story! I really like your style.

  • Jay Kantorabout a month ago

    Hi-C - Thank you for the lovely compliments. When you get a chance I'd like to introduce you to my Brother - "Twins" in Humor - You may relate - j.in.l.a

  • Gargie S Anand2 months ago

    Beautifully composed!

  • Anna 2 months ago

    Beautiful rhymes! Congrats on TS!🥳

  • Back to say congratulations on your Top Story! 🎉💖🎊🎉💖🎊

  • JBaz2 months ago

    Very enjoyable read. I like the reference of stone building material being inferior to the actual mountain they came from

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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Great poem and congrats on top story!

  • Rachel Deeming2 months ago

    It is a "teetering edifice" and I love the contrast with the mountain, that power in nature thing vs human constructs. I found the uplifting and the link with the Tarot gave it a mystical timeless edge.

  • Hannah Moore2 months ago

    Ooh, love that bit about the hewn rick not being the mountain very much.

  • Back to say congratulations on your Top Story! 🎉💖🎊🎉💖🎊

  • Salomé Saffiri2 months ago

    Hello, familiar. Thank you

  • Melissa Ingoldsby2 months ago

    Really lovely and deep piece, I found it refreshing

  • Raymond G. Taylor2 months ago

    ... and congrats on the TS

  • Raymond G. Taylor2 months ago

    Excellent piece and a joy to read

  • Babs Iverson2 months ago

    Brilliantly written!!! Loved the same line as L. C.!!! 💕♥️♥️

  • Whoaaa, this was so profound and extremely powerful! Like LC below, I too loved that line the most!

  • L.C. Schäfer2 months ago

    Oooh, this is one to put iron and pride in your spine! My favourite, "Society is a labyrinth of mirrors" 😁

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