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The Birds House

Broken... on the floor...

By Jessica Pedraza NicanorPublished 2 years ago 2 min read
The Birds House
Photo by Chris Haws on Unsplash

Every morning I wake up at 6 am,

when you see the mountains foggy,

when we are getting into fall and the trees are yellow, orange, red, and brown,

when you see a little bit of light outside and you need a sweatshirt to go out,

like always I walk 3 blocks to my stop….

I never seem to notice this birdhouse that was not that far away from my bus stop, I can see it from where I am standing….

It looks a bit old but somehow pretty,

I wonder if there were any birds coming to the house or if there were any eggs in it…

The next morning I was standing there looking at the birdhouse wondering if there was anything in there.

From that tiny hole, it seems like a bird won't fit through there.

Is that even possible? Is it possible a bird can fit through there?

I don’t think so… and I thought to myself it was just for decoration, is impossible that a bird would even consider getting in that house.

The second morning there standing at my stop like always,

I found myself staring at the house almost as if it was something valuable, I felt very curious to get close to it, I could not get a step forward, something seem to stop me. I look to my left and my bus is coming I drag my eyes to the house again and I see a bird leaving the house...

Somehow I felt worried about the bird's house...

On the third morning, I got close to the tree, and to my surprise inside the house, there were 3 eggs laying on nests incubating, to see that I was so heartless towards the house made me feel a type of way that I can not explain…

Coming back I got out of the bus I felt the need to go see the birdhouse and take it to my house and maybe go buy bird food…

I walked towards the birdhouse and my heart sank, I felt a pain in my chest and a knot in my throat, tears started rolling down my cheek… when I notice the birdhouse was on the ground broken so as the eggs.


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Jessica Pedraza Nicanor

Writing is about sharing any type of emotions and thoughts the writer has to share with the public. I share my writing with only one purpose, let my feelings through my writing relate, help, and inspire someone out there.


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