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The Becoming

Becoming something or someone takes time

By Jessica Pedraza NicanorPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
The Becoming
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Becoming something or someone takes time, enjoy yourself and your own company, your thoughts, your actions and feeling good around yourself, and the things you do in your time.

The beginning of a new chapter starts when you are alone by yourself and you start learning to live without anyone, being independent and learning things on your own, failing and learning from it but must be important not repeating the same mistake over and over again.

And then you start meeting people in your life good and bad and you decide if you want the bad people to stay and negatively impact your life or just get rid of them and just letting good people in too impact and a better way and lead you to success and then you meet people who can change the way you think and are and act to be better and they share the love they have to you in a very different way you expect but you learn to start loving in that way and if you care about this person you will try and give everything.

Then you start recognizing people who are not actually your friends and are there to just use you or to have as the name friend but not apply the word and the meaning behind the word.

And then you start meeting people who will actually care and will be there for you all the time even in bad moments even in good moments even in the scariest moments they will be there no matter what because you let good people in and those good people will be a positive impact in you, in your soul, in your mind and heart.

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Jessica Pedraza Nicanor

Writing is about sharing any type of emotions and thoughts the writer has to share with the public. I share my writing with only one purpose, let my feelings through my writing relate, help, and inspire someone out there.


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