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The Avenue

In case you missed it

By P.A.Vinura JayasankaPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
The Avenue
Photo by Mario Mendez on Unsplash

Hello little finch,

a letter for me?

I wasn't expecting though...let me see.

Gosh! You have come to the wrong address!

Your destination is far away from here..

Okay, don't get worried,

let me tell you the way,

listen carefully.

But there's no shortcut, right?

First, you have to fly along the street of pleasure,

and then dash through the jungle of misery,

then you'll come across the river of fear,

fly as high as you can,

but never look below there,

I mean NEVER!!!!

Right after that,

you'll see the hills of cheer,

you'll feel to stay for long there,

but just fly over them.

Right then you are once again in a new city,

there fly along the street of gratitude,

shortly you will meet two heavenly,

flowered avenues..

Both will look very much alike at first,

in one,

magnificent lavender fields are there,

but only for some feet,

unfortunately, thereafter it would be,

gloomy, muddy, cruel and choking marshes.

Only the other avenue will continue,

its floweriness until the end,

right there, is YOUR DESTINATION!

Oh! I know this question yells inside your head right now.

"How can I find the correct avenue?"

My grandpa told me when I was a child,

the name boards had been missing even from his youth,

however he knew what the two names of avenues were,

One is Acceptance and the other is Rejection!

So in case you chose the wrong one,

fly back at the top speed,

despite the wicked laughter of other birds,

because they will never save you,

from choking in the darkness of marshes!

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About the Creator

P.A.Vinura Jayasanka

Hi! I'm an Engineering student who is passionate on poetry and movie critiques with mastering both creative and analytical aspects. You can follow me on facebook:


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  • Esala Gunathilake2 months ago

    Nicely written! It immerse me in the world of past

  • Oooo, I really loved the concept you used here and the message from it!

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