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The Hardest Decision

A race between soul and destiny

By P.A.Vinura JayasankaPublished 2 months ago 2 min read
The Hardest Decision
Photo by Mitchell Kmetz on Unsplash

The splashing charming little stream,

you are even nicer than,

the last time I saw you,

a long time ago...

but, still I feel the same,

whenever I hear,

your delighted giggling,

in the most adorable way..

I don't know why we,

came across each other,

it can be either,

because of a program,

of an energy source we've never identified,

or totally due to the randomness....

Always the rhythm of your flow,

invites me to stay with you,

and the super innocent tone,

the way bubbles dance,

tempts me to,

tell you all the secrets,

needed to be unfolded,

but my dearest swashing stream,

as you know for sure,

I cannot stop by you,

because it's not,

the time to do so,

yes indeed with my prominent goal,

that I dreamt for ages...

At this moment,

I will never let the emotions,

to override me,

so I'm making,

the most logical move....

to get myself stabilized,

even though I like embracing you...

However I don't have any idea,

about the way you see me,

you may have felt,

some slight signs on that...

So the precious spring,

This is the hardest decision!

How can I order you,

how can I demand you,

to wait till I return?

How can I force stop,

the others hanging around you,

as they are also fond of witnessing,

the lovely natural sight of you,

I know they can be just playful ones,

liars or even weird hunters...

But how can I set their craving eyes,

away from you?

How can I combat them?

As far as I haven't reached out to you yet,

can you tell me how,

to bear seeing you are cuddled by anyone else,

right before my eyes?

Despite whatever happens,

I feel inside that,

I'm the one who need to care about you,

mind that, I never wanted to own you,

surely I never will either,

I was always eagerly waiting,

see the happiness in you!

Among millions of fascinating streams,

there should be a reason to,

feel you as the one I should be with...

So the beloved sweetest stream,

if you can wait patiently trusting me,

till I reach to you steadily,

once again I emphasize,

your choice is totally your freedom,

however, if I reach you one day,

I will be there,

sitting alongside you,

listening to your melodious voice,

as I'm revealing to you,

everything I wanted to tell you..

moreover, let's assume that,

positivity would be staying with us,

in the journey,

that we go through,

the hardest decisions!

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About the Creator

P.A.Vinura Jayasanka

Hi! I'm an Engineering student who is passionate on poetry and movie critiques with mastering both creative and analytical aspects. You can follow me on facebook:


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  • Esala Gunathilake2 months ago

    "invites me to stay with you." Love it!

  • Beautiful story ♥️

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