The American "Dream"

by Raven Wood 15 days ago in slam poetry

By Raven Wood

The American "Dream"

This hurt and major hate giving us the strength to make it through life

To look at others down the street and feel nothing but fear and caution

We the people want to live in peace

Or seemingly it was all a front just to tell people we are so great in or state of limited mind

America can offer so many things, we plaster over billboards forcing a dream that will never come true

either I’m secretly blind or stupid to even try and believe that is true

We are unknowingly being forced into a cage of the past

those of us who have a voice try and silence us as if we are dogs in need of muzzles

We came so far from slavery far from the past of death and sadness

Now there's more….

Now mixed with anger and hate towards everyone just walking down the street

Widely fuelled rage for more than payback but revenge to all think the past was right

That’s not right it shouldn’t be about color

Our stress of what we once called home that we can no longer survive in

They say we are the criminals...

They say we are the ones of a sinful desire not following the rules of “nature”


They were not written in stone like we are supposed to form our life around these words that mean so much to this society

I am a native American gay woman in America

I tear through hatred like a pitbull everyday

Having been forced into the mindset that I have no right to love for the reason that I love a woman

I can’t love because instead in the eyes of society they look in the eyes of sin


We can’t be owned anymore but we still have problems with ethnicity and sexuality

We are afraid to become who we want to be in the fear of rejection

Taking a step in the outside world,

Seeing the calamity and we still try to face it

We take a stand and fight.

They kill and discriminate then say it’s all for the holiness of the Lord

While the police are out here taking lives

Husbands, children, and wives

We’re supposed to be in unity,

But killing half of our own community

Guns were made to protect but kill at the same time sadly

Now more than blood on a battlefield from wars was spilled

When will the prophecy be fulfilled?

These officers accusations are real

Really unknown…

The world is unknown to the wrong in society today

We have no say

The first amendment is nothing more than words written in history

Not to be taken into consideration

WE HAVE RIGHTS ...We scream loud and proud!

To be heard by who though?

We need the court and people around the world in power to hear it

Can you hear us now!!

We are done fighting the wars within our own city limits and farther

We want you!! To hear us!

We are ready to have our freedom that you say we are given as a citizen

Give us freedom…..

Give us peace…..

Give us what this America has to offer…

WITHOUT your force on just the fragile things in our short lives that are already taken

Not only by you but by what you do to others

We are all one

Break us down we will rise

All together we say


slam poetry
Raven Wood
Raven Wood
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Raven Wood

My name is Raven Wood. I am a freelance writer/copywriter and artist. For a year and a half, I have been an administrative intern for The Jagged Lotus. In my spare time, I write on my blog about mental health. Namaste.

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