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Thawing Ice

And Soft Clouds

By Poppy the PoetPublished 12 months ago 1 min read
Thawing Ice
Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

I remember wondering

Why you came near to me

Back in the days when

You’d never found your way

Into one of my poems

Only the pages of my diary


I remember recognising

The blue in your eyes

As fractured ice and

I remember the moment

I began to wish

I could be the one

To thaw it


I can remember

The feeling of flying

Of soaring over soft clouds

That I was sure would catch me

I remember not being afraid

Of the ground

Of the fall


The earth turned

Again and again and again

And I thought it offered me happiness

I thought it offered me you


I can remember

Pen pressed against paper

The starting of a poem

One I thought would be able to

Replace the hurting with healing


I can still see brick walls and burning bridges

And a distance between us so dark it

Made me think you looked like the moon


I can see silhouettes and absence

And hear the hollow voice of an echo

My echo as I call out to nothing


I remember you disappearing

Like mist when the sun comes out

But there is no light to guide me home

No light to lead me back to you

The earth has turned

One too many times

I remember you

Looking at the ground

Instead of into my eyes

I remember it too well


I remember you smiling at me

I don’t remember it well enough


I remember the moment when

All my words were for you

When all my heartbeats

Became yours


I remember falling in love

I don’t remember it being enough


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