Tell Me

by Eunique Gaither about a year ago in love poems

I want to know.

Tell Me

Tell Me

If this isn’t real

Can you tell me

If you don’t intend on staying

Can you tell me

I don’t want to hurt you

But I don’t want to stay if you know it won’t work

I’m scared because

I don’t wanna pass up something good

Because I’m holding out for you

But also I don’t know if you are the good

I wish I could just see a sliver of your thoughts

Just to understand why you pull me in

And then shut me out

Why you start breaking chains

Then add new ones.

I just wanna know why.

And then where you think this is going

Because I’m starting to give up

Move on and shut you out

Then maybe you’ll see what you’re doing to me

And see how bad it hurts

If you can’t tell me

Then maybe I’ll just have to tell you...

That I can’t pretend anymore

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Eunique Gaither

I love to write. It allows me to express myself in a way that I can never bring myself to do verbally. I started writing in 6th grade and have never turned back. 

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