Tangerine Kisses

by S.W. 4 months ago in love poems

Young love is the premise of this piece. Short & sweet.

Tangerine Kisses

Her hair was light and thin,

Her greatest features, more than skin.

But one stood out strong to me-

her lips were soft as lavender leaves,

and she loved me like a good book,

all the way to the last page.

Of the furthest we’d ever been-

you couldn’t measure a mile,

never in the heart but we grew awhile.

Her lips shined in the marrow moon-

And after we kissed I swore it soon.

I’d lay in my bed curled, cocooned.

The taste on my palate,

Flooding my tongue-

starving, longing like an afternoon sun.

The hunger young,

the smell of the fresh orange air,

citrus love with a delightful stare.

Our lips touched but never the mind.

A sweet love, discarding the rind-

cold, fresh, of the loving kind

And all I’d want was her to be mine.

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A poet by way of life. Words just came easy to me, though I may never write a bestseller. I just want you to feel understood. At the end of my work if we’re closer than when you started reading I’ve done my part.

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