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Sweet things kill


By Abel EstherPublished 5 days ago 1 min read

Like too much sugar can turn bitter

Or give you diabetics

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger the say

The obviously haven’t met you

Or maybe I’m just sure you would be the death of me

You are no good for me I know

But the harder you try to kill me

The more I want you

I’m stupid or a masochist

Or just in love

What’s the difference anyway

All I know is

If loving you is the way I die

Then I will happily go

I’m like a moth drawn to a flame

Death just fascinate’s me

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  • Alex H Mittelman 5 days ago

    Wonderful! So fascinating! Especially the end! What great work! Glowed flowers should be sent to this story! It’s so much more then just dust in the wind! It’s amazing! You’re a great writer’ with a great writer!

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