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All the things that have made me cry.

By Aubrey jamesPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

I’m looking out the window of our apartment

Wondering why all the things that make me cry start with you.

It’s love always like this

Constant pain

Constant tears

I don’t think so

Maybe only people that love you cry

I remember you made your mother cry too

How stupid of me to think I would be different

I pity our daughter

How many times will she cry because of you

Oh I wish I never met you

I would still believe in love

But now I know the truth

It’s just a story , A peice of fiction, it’s just a myth.

surreal poetrysad poetryinspirationalheartbreakfact or fiction

About the Creator

Aubrey james

Hi, I’m Aubrey, I love reading but I love writing more it always helps me feel less chaotic🤧words just have a way of calming people.please check out my stories that would be really nice🥹

I’m a student so tips would really be appreciated 😇

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