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Strengthening Bonds Through Patient Love

Building Meaningful Connections in a Fast-Paced World

By Emily Chan - Life and love sharingPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Strengthening Bonds Through Patient Love
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In the present day where everything is going at a rapid pace, it is very easy to get stressed. However, it has to be mindful not to let those feelings spill into the lives of their loved ones. Have you ever felt like giving in to the urge to snap at family members, whilst keeping it all together during the week at work? This is common.

In the working environment, we generally behave politely. When we are in new relationships, we give the benefit of the doubt to each other and have patience. However, once we are at home we say it out naturally or that our truest feelings show up more easily.

We should not just do chores or give presents to our parents; we should treat them with respect and love. It is not just about being nice, but we owe them a lifetime of care.

Think of the scenario of being unsuccessful during the day: You're criticized, feel like nobody understands you, and then your parents call to make sure you're okay. Instead rather than of you snap, and visualize abrupt cuts off the lines. Oftentimes, have you ever wondered what they may be thinking?

We are not trying to be nasty, but our self-centeredness can be obvious. We need to have patience and kindness to our parents who are not involved in words of appreciation or criticism.

Do not keep them hungry for you, instead, offer lively to them always. Emotions management is the main thing that defines all the relationships. If outer peace can't be found to provide focus on inner peace, home is the only way.

Together, let's create where warmth, compassion, and love rule our homes.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    Hey, just wanna let you know that this is more suitable to be posted in the Humans community 😊

Emily Chan - Life and love sharingWritten by Emily Chan - Life and love sharing

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