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Strawberry Smiles

by Andrea Jardine 4 months ago in inspirational

and Trials

Image by Andreas N from Pixabay

I wish I’d known that day would be our last,

The weatherman warned of blistering heat,

If only he’d cautioned, voiced and forecast

The burn and scarring of your rash retreat.


That sizzling summer day started so well,

Singing “We Are The Champions” by Queen

On the road, the fresh-picked strawberry smell

Stuck to my hands from wild plants, red and green.


Something was off, I could see in your eyes,

Petals torn from a majestic pink rose,

Shrinking so completely, my heart, it dies,

Swallowed alive by massive mosquitoes.


I have since grown steadfast, special and strong,

The love, warmth and joy within all along.


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Andrea Jardine
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