Letters for the soul pt4


Strangers with familiar faces, moving somewhere to unknown places.

Who is that man behind that frown, what is his story? Why does he look so down?

Strangers with familiar faces, lost in a world of beautiful races. Who is that women with a strange accent? Wondering the streets in search for a cent.

Strangers with familiar faces no cent to spare no time to leave traces. Who is that young man playing the guitar? I hope he has the same opportunities; I pray he goes far.

Strangers with familiar faces struggling – they all are, just at their own paces. Some will make it some will not, some will wish their name will be forgot.

But who is that young boy? Why must he flee he is country split from his family and still they leave him hungry. His futures not looking bright because his passport is black, he must follow these rules and there is no going back.

Strangers with familiar faces going somewhere to unknown places, their rights as humans are subject to where they were born and if that is not worse enough, from their loved ones they are torn.

But don’t we hold the same values? Family, love, and freedom – regardless of our names? So, tell me why it feels like we are living in the real-life hunger games…

sad poetry
Majestic Malak
Majestic Malak
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Majestic Malak

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