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Stolen Breath

by Samantha Duits 13 days ago in love poems

Or Will You Give It?

Stolen Breath
Photo by Victor on Unsplash

Tell your neck

I am coming near,

I want my lips to feel your heartbeat

and smirk slow when they know

they are the reason behind

the racing.

Tell your chest

to rise and fall and rise

and fill with enough air

to rise once more

once I’ve stolen

all I can steal.

Tell your hips

I will match their pace

and lose happily the race

if it means tying you

at the finish line.

Tell your toes

to learn the angles

they’ll be curling,

I’ve lips to lend

and skin to send

into constant states

of shivers.

Tell your lips

mine are coming home.

Lost on the road

that winds its way across

your body,

tell them to open to open slightly

and I’ll give back that air

I have thieved.

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Samantha Duits




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Samantha Duits
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