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by Samantha Duits 13 days ago in love poems

I'll See You

Photo by Tim Strulik on Unsplash

Right now you are asleep,

but oh how I wish I was there.

Stroking your back and

running my fingers

through your hair.

Our legs tangled

together beneath the sheets,

as I gently trace

my fingers along your lips

while counting

each and every eyelash.

And there’s so many things

I could say to you

about how I want to make plans,

for just you and me.

And how when I look at you,

I see this person who makes

me realize all the things

I’ve wanted for so long.

And I know you’re asleep,

and you’re miles away

but I promise babe,

even if I have to walk

through all your dreams,

I’ll be seeing you soon.

love poems

Samantha Duits




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Samantha Duits
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