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Poem written Jan. 23, 2021

By Starlight StormPublished 11 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Kristina Tripkovic on Unsplash

Y'know... it's weird

How you tell me to judge

Based on someone's character

And their actions

Not labels society gives

And yet... you do just that

You don't judge them based on themselves

You might at first

And maybe with others

But not with me

I don't understand

Why you tell me to talk

To share my life and emotions with you

But then tell me I'm wrong

That I should just "choose to be happy"

Why even bother?

Why bother asking me

Why should I bother responding

If you don't want my answer

Not really

You don't use so many words

But playing computer games

Somehow makes me lazy, wasting my time

And my friends dishonest stalkers

Among other things

And my OCD?

It's a lie, "you don't have it"

"Yeah right," just going for attention

I don't know your reasons

But you call me a liar

After that, really?

You expect me to just roll over

Belly up, surrender, explain my life

Are you crazy? There's no way

When I tell you the minor and you treat me like that

If you can't handle OCD

And general stress during school

My dislike of large groups and social activity

My preference for the wild over people

If you can't even handle minecraft, for goodness' sake

How are you supposed to understand

When I mention loneliness – depression

Self-harm and the urge to end it

Apathy and loss of interest in anything

As long as I keep your bothering away

How are you supposed to understand

The hell I've been through

When I can't even tell you the good days

Without being shut down?

social commentary

About the Creator

Starlight Storm

Lover of nature, friend of the stars, weaver of legends.

Storyteller and photographer, I aim to give voice to the voiceless and share the beauty of creation.

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