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Song of the Sky

A poem of life

By Starlight StormPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Song of the Sky
Photo by Erik Karits on Unsplash

Sing to me, again and again

the song of the sky

Make me feel the wind

rushing by my skin

and tangling my hair

Show me the ancient trees

and towering cliffs –

giants reaching for the heavens

Let me hear the cry of a hawk

the fluttering buzz of a hummingbird

the whistle of an arrow

as it splits the air

Lead me through springtime storms

and make me smell life

in the earth, the rain, the petrichor

Bring me clover and fresh rain to taste

the nectar and life

of the bees

When I grow sick or tired

remind me of these things

and sing to me, again and again

the song of the sky

nature poetry

About the Creator

Starlight Storm

Lover of nature, friend of the stars, weaver of legends.

Storyteller and photographer, I aim to give voice to the voiceless and share the beauty of creation.

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