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Species over ignorance

by Katrina Cain about a month ago in nature poetry
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A poem of truth

Species over ignorance
Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

People forget

We're a species,

The human race,

Yet we fight each other

For petty things

That time can't replace.

We're a planet

Yet continents apart,

Split by politics

And ignorant hearts.

Terrorism & power

Discrimination & wealth,

Is it worth the dangers

Put on our health?

Armies ordered to kill

We don't get a say,

As we're insignificant

Just part of the decay.

Why do we pay tax?

To keep the world fed,

No one owns earth

Without it we'll be dead.

We're all born the same

As unique as each other,

We should accept sexuality

Religions & all skin colours.

There's billions of humans

But little humanity,

Change gets lost in the chaos

Of this messed up reality.


nature poetry

About the author

Katrina Cain

My writing is filled with passion and love. Blog: www.thedarkestfairytale.com

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