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Sounds in the Night

A funny little children’s poem about the spooky things that dance into their minds at bedtime!

By Nicole PostonPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Top Story - December 2023
Sounds in the Night
Photo by Klim Sergeev on Unsplash

Sounds in the Night

There are monsters in my closet,

And hiding under my bed.

“It’s just your imagination”

“Go to sleep, it’s all in your head”

I lay back down

And snuggle my teddy bear tight,

I hear a scratching sound

And once again I’m filled with fright.

Creaking sounds screech

As the trees blow outside my window;

What’s behind my closet door,

I'm not sure I wanna know.

When the sun is up

My room feels so safe and sound,

But as soon as the moon comes out,

My fear comes back around.

All the spooky noises

Seem to haunt me when it’s time to sleep;

They tip-toe all around me

As if my soul is theirs to creep.

No matter how much I try to forget

Or try to block them out,

As soon as my room gets dark again,

They start moving all about.

I do everything I can think of

To make them go away,

But the more I ignore them,

The longer each time they wanna stay.

No one believes me,

They act like they don’t care,

That my room is filled with monsters,

And they are hiding everywhere.

So, please someone tell me,

What am I to do?

With all these spooky things around,

What if it was happening to you?

How do I fall asleep at night

And feel safe once again?

Do I try to scare them back,

Or somehow become their friend?

Until I find the answers

That will make them finally leave?

Oh please someone help me,

Cause I’m too scared to get up and pee!

By Nicole Poston

performance poetryhumorchildrens poetry

About the Creator

Nicole Poston

Hello! I’m from North Carolina and writing is a passion and life long dream of mine. I write many different genres and styles. Please like, comment and share. It helps give me the confidence to share. Oh and please subscribe!!

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Comments (17)

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  • Grz Colm3 months ago

    Excellent, whimsical piece. Great job and well done on your top story! 😊👍

  • Waseem Chem3 months ago

    So beautiful

  • "Sounds in the Night" spins bedtime fears into playful verses, charmingly narrating a child's whimsical imagination amidst spooky sounds. Delightful and relatable! Great job! website: https://simplified.com/pt-social-media-scheduler/google-my-business

  • K. Kocheryan3 months ago

    This reminded me of my entire childhood lol. The poem was great! Congrats on Top Story.

  • love thissss

  • Naveed 3 months ago

    Great job! Keep up the fantastic work—congratulations!

  • DEUXQANE3 months ago

    UGH! I can definitely relate to all of these feelings growing up. I remember thinking Id' hear footsteps in the hallway when everyone was supposed to be asleep. I'd run up the staircase once I turned the lights off because I thought something would grab my ankles and drag me into [magical, wonderful place I've never been]. Welp, at least we still have McDonald's. (Congratulations on being in the Top Story!)

  • Become their friend! I bet they're not as bad as humans, lol. Loved your poem and congratulations on your Top Story!

  • Brenton F3 months ago

    What an amazing piece - don't tell anyone but I still do t let my bed covers touch the floor!

  • Joe Patterson3 months ago

    Well done.

  • Raihana H.3 months ago

    The ending was funny and of course relatable 😂 thankfully I had my siblings get up with me and wait outside of the bathroom when I was a kid😂 great piece!

  • This is clever and fun. Great job, Nicole!

  • Margaret Brennan3 months ago

    congratulations on TS. I love this. anytime the night frightened me, I'd start fantasizing about good things. I was always the heroine in my fantasy. I could be anywhere, do anything, and be anything. I was my own superhero who conquered the enemy - even if only in my dreams.

  • Dana Crandell3 months ago

    Very cute, and I can remember those days. Then I a little older and started reading horror stories in bed... Congratulations on Top Story!

  • Kulshum Khatoon3 months ago

    This charming children's poem brought a smile to my face! The playful exploration of bedtime fears is delightful, and the ending is both humorous and relatable. Thank you for sharing this whimsical piece with us!

  • Kendall Defoe 3 months ago

    My childhood in one poem... 🫣

  • Kale Ross3 months ago

    I enjoyed this poem a lot! Funny, whimsical and relatable! Well done.

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