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sorry to see you go, friend

an ode to changes.

By justine taylorPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
sorry to see you go, friend
Photo by Pedro Vit on Unsplash

a love,

incomparable in this moment,

came in and swept you off your feet.

providing a high

strong enough to erase,

all that came before in its place

several roots were dug up to make space.

oh, what have you done?

friendships and lovers rearranged,

i just pray you stay the same,

though only at your core

because we all deserve change.

but discern between

abandonment and boundaries

intoxication will only ease the pain for so long.

should you choose to play the fool

be not surprised at the severed ties

of those who willingly watered you.

when the access and tools no longer remain

please don't come asking where we went wrong.

stand on your desire

and that intention to write me out,

your neglect will cease to infect me with doubt

a love once beautiful and mutual

turned unrequited and unfamiliar.

i'm sorry to see you go,

but may you be blessed to find another.



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justine taylor



Denver, CO

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