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One simple action can have so many different meanings

By Luna FrostPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Brock Wegner on Unsplash

What does a smile mean to you?

To me they’re like the eyes,

a gateway to the truth.

Beautiful laugher chiming from

lips blown back, teeth showing,

eyes crinkling… the embodiment

of adoration and joy.

At times it’s subconscious.

Lost in distant memories,

grasping at ideas,

traveling in fantasies maybe.

Ethereal and starry-eyed.

The soft tug of your lips that sit

so naturally as your eyes fixate

onto those you care about,

your being… practically oozing

love and admiration.

Rare is a smile paired with tears

yet you made it happen.

Rather than salty, yours were sweet.

A response to efforts finally being rewarded.

Proof of dedication and perseverance.

Ones hidden behind hands,

embarrassed energy spilling

as eyes peeking through

the space between your fingers

and unsure giggles escape

before gracing me with a smile

bashful and meek.

Teary eyes matched with

a feeble shaky smile

needing to be a pillar

of strength when your heart

is just as broken, always

having to be the one

who comforts and protects.

Experiencing all these aren’t enough .

Is it because I want to know you

like the back of my hand?

Or is it that I hope in turn

you would wish the same

of me?

love poems

About the Creator

Luna Frost

A writer at heart who wants to share my works. I want to evoke emotion in people when they read my writing but I won't ever know if I can if I don't put anything out into the world so this is my first step :)

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