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Smile & Sigh

Down the Road

By SchmalzPublished 6 months ago 1 min read
Smile & Sigh
Photo by Dani Marroquin on Unsplash

The dogs are howling

And the sun sinks low

Here I sit just dreaming of you

With a smile and sigh

I rock in my chair

Can't forget memories of you

Times we started

Smiles we shared

Fond memories in my view

So I smile and sigh

About the good time

And I try to say goodbye

Rockin in my chair

As days pass me by

Wont someone sing me a lullaby

One day I know I'll find

Some dusty old chair

And dream in my mind

With a smile and sigh

Accept your goodbye

Rockin in my chair

I'll say to myself

The best thing was knowing you

I smile and I sigh

Dream of you every night

A prisoner of your love

Locked out of sight

With a smile and sigh

My fondest memories are of you

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Welcome to my page! I am a writer whose interests are vast and believes in the art of the word. In my writing you will find Non-Fiction, Fiction, and poetry in pursuit of the value of language.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran6 months ago

    Awww, this was so sweet! Loved your poem!

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