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Since her husband passed away

"the widow"

By Gloria PenelopePublished 25 days ago 1 min read
Since her husband passed away
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The widow

Her life, love

and human nature

Where does she see herself in the future?

When it comes to falling in love,

Does she even care about it? 

No, I never thought she did.

Since her husband passed away.

Her life revolves around work.

making ends meet for her children

But I believe she also has sentiments.

Feelings that require a special man to nurture.

I witnessed something today.

I noticed that things have changed.

I suppose she has feelings for someone.

There's a new single man who recently moved in.

To live near her residence.

I stared from the balcony of my home. 

I saw her glancing at him.

I could see she was in love.

She silently examined his stature.

She watched him walk in her direction.

I started smiling. 

I always wanted to see her in love again.

I wanted her to find love and move on.

I smiled alone, knowing that she would fall in love at last. 

I noticed her bright smile as she gazed at her new neighbor. 

I saw love blossom within her, and I could tell that she loved him.

Lucky enough, he looked at her and smiled. 

They greeted each other and talked for almost an hour.

I noticed her bright face.

The way he looked at her.

I could tell that they both liked each other.

After a few months of monitoring her,

I saw both of them kissing and cuddling.

at the entrance of his house.

My mission was complete after all.

I became her happiest neighbor.

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Gloria Penelope

Every creative piece is just me telling a story. Enjoy my creative writing!

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Comments (4)

  • T. Licht24 days ago

    Great Work!

  • Hehe naughty! God bless to that little children 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Wow powerful poem, I am sure the dead husband would be happy that the widow is moving on to get happiness.

  • Lol I wonder how her dead husband feels about all this 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Loved your poem!

Gloria PenelopeWritten by Gloria Penelope

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