Shut Door

by Neon Odyrah about a month ago in slam poetry


Shut Door

Neon, let me in, I can take care of your skeletons

I think you have punished me enough for the abandoning

Don't let all of this consume you

Because later you'll regret and hate the sight of the new you

I hear you Conscience but it is a little late

Addiction set a trap for me and I fell for the bait

Now I have you outside, I'm lacking mental aid

I just did that which you know I really hate

Open the door, leave Room 501, I could give you a fix

How can you help Neon when you're locked outside?

He hates it in here but he doesn't want to leave

His spirit may be willing but his flesh is weak

I got him good and I am enjoying this ride

Snap out of it Neon, it isn't real

You're hurting yourself and those around you, can't you see?

I wish I could break this glass and let me in

But it is your house and your rules make it thick

Stop it, Now I am panicking

Addiction , stop ravaging

Conscience twist and turn and force yourself in

If you say you can fix this, it is worth trying

The rent is over, get yourself a new home

I am tired of you faking things

Making me believe I can't surpass my own wills

And I end up sleeping to wake up and wonder if hope's real

It's difficult, I swear, to push you out

But now Conscience is in, this fight is taking a different route

It would take time eventually

But I would get rid of everything that you gifted me

I would leave but I know you would call back to me

When you feel sad and ask " Where is addiction, please"

So I would stand right out the door, listening

When you fall? I would laugh hysterically

No, he wouldn't fall because of this new energy

If he said "No" to you, it's because you yield no benefit

You made him do things he would have never done

Making him feel like he has zero worth

I have some many wrongs I have to right

Repairing broken furniture from left to right

Making him see the good in himself, day and night

And now, he has shut the door to you, It is his life.

slam poetry
Neon Odyrah
Neon Odyrah
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Neon Odyrah
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