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Change, we all want but never have it

A better me is what I am needing

But I can't have it, it seems like a far reach

So self-doubt's next on the grocery list

Piling up troubles in my mind, it is getting clogged

Claustrophobia creeping in, exits blocked

Wondering how I let this situation get too wrong

Wandering around this place with broken pieces on the floor

Wrote Room 501, part of the mansion

Where fear and insecurities became my room companions

Feeding lies to me, I accepted them

Telling me I am messed up. Where is the lie then?

I guess lies affect the future we paint

And hold captive even though we don't want to stay

And when we try to escape, it is all futile in a way

Maybe because we never truly forgive ourselves for who we were back in the days

Little lies and mishaps, we covered up and little roads we diverted from, ashtrays

If Karma was a dish, I must have a lot on my plate

If the roof comes down, let the rain hang in the air

Cause if it descends, I haven't got enough room in here

Can't swim yet I dive into despair

Trying to stay afloat but it hurts trying to hold my breath

Change is a just process, discipline keeps it in check

I know what to do, though I don't have all the specs

Stubborn, I am, cause I try to put too much in my head

Heaven, pick up the phone, let me at least know that you hear.

slam poetry
Harydo Neon
Harydo Neon
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