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She Only Had Herself

A Diminishing Verse Poem

By Dharrsheena Raja SegarranPublished about a year ago Updated 5 months ago 1 min read
Top Story - May 2023
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Wishes were for Genies to grant

For now, she could only rant

Everything seemed too big for an ant


Her brain ran out of space

Her problems made her pace

To calm her mind, she needed to ace


She was fidgety as she sat on the chair

Lost her marbles, wanted to yank out her hair

Then surmised she needed some air


Going outdoors was overwhelming to start

So instead she would bake a tart

On it, she would design some art


She invited her best friend over for a chat

Baked the tart after putting on her chef's hat

Her design on it was pulchritudinous to look at


She put the piquant tart on a plate

Her friend didn't show up, it was getting late

In the end, alone she ate


The Diminishing Verse Poem is commonly written in tercets (three lines in each stanza)

The last word of each line gradually “diminishes” from one line to the next, usually by removing one or two letters from the beginning of the word.

An example of this would be the transition from “smart” to “mart” to “art”.

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About the Creator

Dharrsheena Raja Segarran

My mental health decline brought about a lot of darkness and I embraced it. It now flows out mostly as Dark Stories and Poetry.

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Excellent work. Looking forward to reading more!

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Comments (129)

  • Sweileh 8882 months ago

    Keep giving and present what's new now

  • Sweileh 8882 months ago

    It's interesting and creative. Keep posting more

  • V Devi2 months ago

    Wonderfully written you beautiful writer ✍🏽

  • The Dani Writer3 months ago

    OH. EMM. GEE! This is incredibly awesome! *Wowed* *Wants to try it but will take some time to get over my 'wowed-ness'* Thank you so much for writing and sharing this! 😍

  • Pauline Fountain3 months ago

    Hi Dharrsheena Not only did I become absorbed by the heartbreak depicted by your unique voice. Once again I learned something! The Diminshing Verse Poem. Pauline 🌸

  • Buzu4 months ago

    wow, its so beautiful.

  • Andrew Pretzel4 months ago

    Can I ask you something about this platform? please mail me at [email protected] if you want.

  • Bonnie Bowerman5 months ago

    Wow! This was wonderful. Again something I have never heard of! You are so talented!

  • MR.Marsh5 months ago


  • M. Lee5 months ago

    This is so cool! Especially loved this part: "She was fidgety as she sat on the chair Lost her marbles, wanted to yank out her hair Then surmised she needed some air" Nice work!

  • Eiman Asif5 months ago

    beautiful poem..... Really lovely and the last line at the end just left me speechless ..." nice, keep it up, a great piece...

  • JBaz5 months ago

    I never seen this type of poem before. That is a talent to write, for it to make sense and come together as one piece. The last three lines tied it all up.

  • Darkos5 months ago

    Congratulations on the Creator of the Year Dharrsheena and for being such a Great Supporter for all of us ! 🥰❤️💞💞💞💞💞

  • Wow! New poem to me. Thank you for that. Well written too. BEST!

  • Christian Bass7 months ago

    Well written. Never heard of such a poem before. Thank you for introducing it to me (us).

  • Isabella Rose8 months ago

    This describes both the loneliness and self-isolation of an anxiety-ridden mind perfectly. Bravo!

  • Daphsam8 months ago

    Wonderful work!

  • Donna Fox (HKB)9 months ago

    Technical question: This is a diminishing poem because the words get smaller/ shorter each verse. Is there a type of poem that does the opposite? So like it builds the word bigger as it goes like at/ rat/ scrat ?? Lol no idea if scrat is a word... 😅

  • Lisa santos9 months ago

    Pure art pure imagination I love reading till the end. Amazing words

  • Catherine Nyomenda10 months ago

    I feel bad for Genies :-)

  • Smashing words and how I feel sometimes, ty xx

  • Darkos10 months ago

    Love Your creativity 💗

  • Catherine Nyomenda11 months ago

    You are good at what you do. Keep it up🤗

  • Laura Lann11 months ago

    The format is lovely. The story sad and relatable. Your poetry always speaks to me with its message

Dharrsheena Raja SegarranWritten by Dharrsheena Raja Segarran

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