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Roses for Mama

by Lisa Tomey 3 years ago in love poems
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I could hear their story again and again

Photo from a private collection of Lisa Tomey

another melody brought to my heart

the lyrics took my soul

rich from the moments

the memories

of the sweet story you told


I heard it again

that song

it reminded me

once again

of the two of you

George Morgan

singing “Room Full of Roses”

The story is as clear as today

you told us many times

how when you fell in love

and broke each other’s heart

and then it happened

my eventual Daddy, you sent the roses

you sent the note

“a roomful of roses

would never be enough

to show my love for you”

long story short

you were married in Reno

and this become

your favorite song

I am glad you had it

and each other

love poems

About the author

Lisa Tomey

Much of Lisa's work is in poetry, short story, and memoir. Publications: Heart Sounds, Heart Beats - Anthology, Silver Linings - Reflections of Life and Hope Through Poetry.. Manager of Prolific Pulse Press LLC.

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