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Romantic sonnet love

I love you

By Ibinabo Brown Published 4 months ago 1 min read
Romantic sonnet love
Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

In love's sweet dance, beneath the moonlit night,

Two souls entwined, their hearts in perfect tune,

A sonnet's grace, their passion takes its flight,

In verses sweet, they'll share love's endless boon.

Upon the canvas of the starry skies,

They paint a tale of everlasting love,

Their whispered words, like soft and gentle sighs,

Declare a bond that angels high above.

Through life's vast sea, in storms and tranquil seas,

They navigate, embracing joy and strife,

In love's warm glow, they find their greatest ease,

Their spirits bound, entwined for endless life.

In sonnet's verse, their love forever told,

A timeless tale, more precious than pure gold.

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About the Creator

Ibinabo Brown

When I read books,novels,fiction stories , fantasy,I get so lost in them it’s like I’m the one in the story it’s like I’m acting it in my head it’s just so fascinating ,so I want people to go on this journey with me through my books.

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