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Whispers of Dawn

Embracing the Morning Light

By Ibinabo Brown Published 5 months ago 1 min read
Whispers of Dawn
Photo by Alexandru Zdrobău on Unsplash

In the hush of twilight's tender kiss,

Where dreams and reality gently blend,

There lies a world, veiled in mist,

Where night and day softly transcend.

Beneath the canvas of sapphire skies,

Where stars surrender their cosmic might,

Awakens a realm where silence sighs,

And the soul takes flight in the soft dawn light.

Morning whispers secrets to the flowers,

Paints the meadows with hues divine,

In this tranquil hour, time gently empowers,

As nature's symphony begins to entwine.

Golden tendrils caress the Earth's face,

Chasing shadows, bringing life anew,

In this tranquil, ephemeral embrace,

Hope and possibility shimmer like morning dew.

Oh, embrace the day with open eyes,

Let the sunrise ignite your inner song,

In the whispers of dawn, where beauty lies,

Find solace, love, and where you belong.

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About the Creator

Ibinabo Brown

When I read books,novels,fiction stories , fantasy,I get so lost in them it’s like I’m the one in the story it’s like I’m acting it in my head it’s just so fascinating ,so I want people to go on this journey with me through my books.

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Nice work

Very well written. Keep up the good work!

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  • Donna Fox (HKB)5 months ago

    This was so beautifully written!! I love the rhyme scheme you chose, and the flow of the poem! Great work!!

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