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Real Treasure

Real Treasure

By JAY PATELPublished 7 months ago 1 min read

It seems to be a human trait

to try our best to accumulate,

a vast amount of worldly treasure,

so we can lead a life of leisure.

Believing it will bring us pleasure.

We never think that we will age

and one day we will reach the stage,

when golden years have passed us by,

that soon we too will have to die.

There is no choice we must comply

It's then that we will ruminate

on all we’ve done up to that date,

and know that life is so designed

that all we own is left behind.

The world is simply so unkind.

And then our motives we’ll revise,

when we wake up and realise,

that from the moment of our birth

the ones we love have greater worth

than all the treasure here on earth.

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  • Mind Changer7 months ago

    Nice 👍🙂


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