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Delicate Feathers of Love

Delicate Feathers of Love

By JAY PATELPublished 7 months ago 1 min read

Come to me in the lonely hours of the night

And I shall let you into a world

Where there is none to watch out

The actions of hearts budding in deep love.

As the moon walks in and beautifies the sky

I'll let you into my core and keep you forever

Under the embrace of eternal love and warmth

We shall live a transcendent, mystique life.

Here is my veracious account of the dreams

I've had each night and lived each moment.

Our time together, though tragically transient

Has brought a million reasons to smile, laugh and love.

Come to me in the quiet hours of the morning

And I shall let you into a world where

There is none to disrupt the blissful moment of love

That caresses us with its delicate feathers and

Escorts us to a world where no lover has ever known grief.

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