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Rainy Day

Embracing the Storm

By Aranna Hasan Delwar Published 30 days ago 2 min read

Rainy Day

_____By Aranna Hasan Delwar.

On such a rainy day, the skies are gray,

The raindrops splash upon the sodden ground,

Yet here with you, the clouds just melt away,

Your smile, a ray of light that knows no bound.

The rain, it drums a rhythm on the roof,

A steady beat that echoes through the air,

It is the song that keeps our hearts aloof,

A gentle tune that only we can share.

The streets are empty, shrouded in the mist,

The city fades beneath a silver veil,

But in this space, your touch, a softest kiss,

A warmth that grows despite the cold and hail.

We sit together, sheltered from the storm,

A cozy nook where candlelight is bright,

You pull me close, I feel your body warm,

A comfort on this long and rainy night.

The windows fog as rain cascades and falls,

The world outside a blur of shade and gray,

But in your eyes, the light of love still calls,

A spark that turns the night to golden day.

The gentle rain, it whispers on the glass,

Each droplet trails like tears upon a face,

But these are tears of joy that seem to pass,

For in your arms, I've found my perfect place.

Your laughter rises with the thunder's roar,

It fills the room with echoes sweet and clear,

We talk for hours, dreaming of what's more,

Of journeys yet to come, of times so dear.

The rain may fall, but it cannot deter

The fire that burns within our beating hearts,

It only draws us closer, you and her,

The storm a backdrop as our love imparts.

We trace the outlines on the windowpane,

Our fingers meeting, intertwined as one,

We write our names amidst the flowing rain,

A secret language known to us alone.

Each flash of lightning brightens up the dark,

It lights the way to where our futures lie,

We watch and smile, knowing it's the spark

That fuels the dreams we never can deny.

The storm may rage, but we are not afraid,

For we have found our shelter from the gale,

Our love, a fortress that will never fade,

A beacon strong that always will prevail.

On such a rainy day, I hold you tight,

Your laughter like a melody so sweet,

We share our secrets through the gentle night,

A bond that even storms cannot defeat.

The rain may fall, but we remain as one,

Through every drop, our love is strong and true,

For even when the storm has just begun,

I know I'll always find my way to you.

So let the rain come down, let it pour,

For in its rhythm, we find our own song,

A melody that binds us evermore,

A love that guides us as we walk along.

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Aranna Hasan Delwar


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  • Ameer Bibi29 days ago

    That's really nice that being with someone you care about can make a rainy day feel bright and cheerful. It shows that love can bring happiness, even when things seem gloomy.fabolous story 🎉🎉

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