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psichological fiction "poem" by P. I.

By Patty412024Published 3 months ago 1 min read


Memories of yesterday, promises of today,

Untangled bonds, souls astray.

A harsh statistic, a heavy truth,

Divorces in the world, like a melody uncouth.

Frail communication, lack of trust,

Defied fidelity...

Defied fidelity, feelings turned to dust.

Irreconcilable differences, dreams left unfulfilled,

Departure in silence, the soul from shore distilled.

Need for independence, space, and liberty,


Growing conflict,

Harmony lost in obscurity.

Harmful infidelity, wounds on fragile hearts,

Jealousy and ...

And selfishness, suffocating love once noble parts.

Hidden pains, wounds healed with strain,

Ever-changing life, like a game of fate's domain.


Divorces in the world, humanity's mirror,

Prompting us to reflect on our stories

And fractures, with sensitivity and clear.


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PWritten by Patty412024

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