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By K TPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
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In the glass's aspect, I find my grace,

A reflection of love, a tender grasp.

Within my soul, a radiant light,

Self- love blooms, disbanding the night.

No need for masks, no need to pretend,

In self- love's arms, I find my true friend.

Acceptance and warmth, like a gentle dove,

tales of worthiness, echoes of love.

Through ups and downs, in trials we face,

self- love remains, a steady grasp.

It weaves through my being, a shade forfeiture,

A chorus of self- love, a heart that is mine.

With every twinkle, a meter so true,

self- love's the compass, guiding me through.

In its tender care, I learn to believe,

In the beauty of self, I learn to admit.

In excrescencies and defects, I find my worth,

For self- love's the foundation, the ground of revitalization.

A sanctuary within, a harbor so vast,

Where self- love resides, an anchor to last.

So let it flow, let it bloom and grow,

self- love's the swash, a steady, strong inflow.

In its gentle swells, I learn to forgive,

To cherish my substance, to truly live.

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