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Prince of Sparta

by Apollo SQ about a year ago in love poems
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A poem and song to be played on the Lyre for my lost love, Hyacinthius

Prince of Sparta

Call my name

Catch my arrow

With thy frame

Laurel and lyres

Occupy your thoughts

While the sun himself

Hums songs of cosmonauts

Take his hand

Though it burns

Prince of Sparta

Listen and learn

Kiss those lips

Rosy, pink petals

Never forget

How the wind was unsettled

Let him dive head first

Into those ember eyes

Curled crown of locks

A royal disguise

Bare feet against

Gaia‘s soft breast

Follow the silhouette

Of your love’s test

Laughing and crying

Playing in the wind

His breath turns brutal

Silencing the wren

Close your eyes and

Remember when

Your only fear

Was death and sin

Spread thy flowers

Violet and blood

Reach your limbs to the

Waning Sun

Fall on the earth

Cry his name

Your sweet Apollo

Too proud for pain

But now he sings his song again

Despite the efforts you find your end

Despite the laughter

Despite the song

Despite the holding of bodies

Tightly together for too long

You gargle and hiss

Blood seeping out

Turning to flowers

Purple-blue sprout

Blossoming buds

Pierce from your chest

The wound was fatal

He did his best

His love is lost

In love’s short run

The lover of love

Killed by the Sun

love poems

About the author

Apollo SQ

Welcome to my artistic domain ✨ The god of art, healing, poetry, and the sun ☀️ So pay tribute, mortal 🌿 works are inspired by my loves, but most of all, my muse, Artemis 🌙 queer artist 🏳️‍⚧️ All artwork and opinions are my own.

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