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Priceless Coins

by Dalia Davis about a year ago in love poems
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Jan Vermeer, Woman Balancing Scales, ca. 1664, oil on canvas, 42.5 x 38 cm. Widener Collection, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.,


I feel like someone

has been depositing gold

in the bank account

of my soul

for decades.

All the while

I was writing blank checks

on the empty papers

of illusionary numbers.

All the while.

the deposits kept coming

over and over

showers of gold and gems

As I just kept on writing those

blank checks

over and over

Like a pauper

sitting on a goldmine

the deposits kept coming

over and over

lustrous gems and priceless coins

then one day so tired

I started to listen to the words

I started to look in the mine

one thinks when you mine

for gold

it's a struggle

finding little veins

if you're lucky

but no

not with this banker.

All the deposits

have not been

made in vain.

But polished

and kept for me

waiting there,

A treasure.

Dalia Sept 16th 2014

love poems

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Dalia Davis

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