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True Romeo

by Dalia Davis about a year ago in love poems
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famous line

from Baz Lurhmann film Romeo and Juliet


I have searched for true love in vain

while it thrived beneath my own breath.

I have called for Romeo, looking in the eyes

of passers by, whose beauty wooed me.

Yet fleeting has it been, the answer to this cry.

My passion is too wanting for such a fallible love.

Eternal summer and the verse that does not fade

is hidden in the place where human life is played.

Where Juliet can breathe untamed,

without external love's refrain, with everlasting inner gain.

This is the place where my passion has been quenched.

The place where my poetry falls, not on deaf ears,

but echoes a ballad that does not stride

the rough wind of a lover's pride.

Within this eternal space and time

our heart's are filled with endless love sublime.

My poetry can sing it's heart felt rhyme,

and "where for art thou?" is just a famous line.

Dalia Davis Sept, 09

love poems

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