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Prayer to Chloe

by Danielle Mosley 2 months ago in inspirational
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Prayer to the goddess of fertility

Prayer to Chloe
Photo by Alysa Bajenaru on Unsplash

Chloe, goddess of blooming fertility, we give you thanks for procreation and all that you have created. I ask of thee to be here beside me on this day and each day until my death and reincarnation. For you are worthy of all praise and glory. May you forever be honored in everything you have blessed the world with. We love you above all desires, riches, and wants. Remind us that the greatest gift of all is love. For you are more beautiful than the universe itself. We give thanks to you for our many blessings. Remind us of the law harm none and that all that is done will be returned to us threefold, good or evil.

Chloe, wonderful goddess and mother so giving, we praise you for all of your beauty and everything beautiful that has been made for all living things with your hands. For you are the full moon, the fresh spring rain, the golden fields, the singing robin. Blessed be!


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Danielle Mosley

I've enjoyed writing and reading ever since I was in grade school. I'm looking forward to making a career out of my talent as a writer. If you like any of my articles be sure to share them and leave me a tip. Any type of support is great!

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  • Jonathan Townend28 days ago

    Beautiful short piece DaniellešŸ˜Š!

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