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Poison’s Last Drop

Dangerous, are the thoughts and wishes you produce…

By Josh MorganPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Poison’s Last Drop
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It's your poison that tore apart the Mr. and Mrs.

But despite what it is,

All the more you fill my mind with dangerous wishes

When you come to mind I don't want you to leave–

It's dangerous thoughts you weave

Even love can be sinful–

Unless it's the lust, my light delights in

I'd rather kill all desire than die in it,

But if I fall for your lies and fall into your eyes,

Will you take me by my life?

It's the present sin that shows my heart's history of indictment

The promiscuous excitement of indiscriminate eyes

My heart and mind are so far out of alignment

But this isn't the first or last time,

Of thoughtless tries to silence indifferent cries

It's by the limbic side of my mind that I'm carelessly reminded-

Of the beauty in the torment

I hate to say that I don’t really hate your assortment

It's the temperance that will save my fate that still lays dormant

It's the difference between love and lust that's blurred by your poison

Every drop brings about dangerous thoughts

Producing the pool of judgment I've earned

If I ever forgot about the blood by which I was bought,

And the prodigal son never returned,

Then it's not beautiful– The demise passion's burn has brought me to

And if the damage is done, there's not a song that can be sung to bring life back to my eyes

Wrongs may be too late to right–

But if a life of sin can be forgiven,

The same for both my sake and that of Mr. and Mrs.

Then I don't need to swim in the burning lake,

And your poison, can no longer drown my fate

Nor anyone else's

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About the Creator

Josh Morgan

I began writing as a means of expressing creativity, relieving stress, and venting emotions. I mention my daily battle with mental health a lot, I hope it is relatable and inspiring to readers, as writing is something I'm passionate about.

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Comments (1)

  • Andrea Corwin about a month ago

    Oh my goodness this sounds like a cryptic tale of cheating so I hope it works out.

Josh MorganWritten by Josh Morgan

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