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Poem on Darkness

Talk about darkness

By vanshika 111Published 8 months ago 3 min read

Darkness falls around me like a blanket of night,

My heart trembles as I am filled with fright,

The sounds of the night begin to echo in my mind,

As I try to make sense of the silence that binds.

I am surrounded by a world I cannot see,

The darkness casts a spell that I can't break free,

My heavy heart sinks with every passing moment,

As I take a few steps forward into the unknown.

The moon casts a light in the distant sky,

But it's not enough to make me feel alive,

The shadows of the night seem to come alive,

And they whisper secrets that I can't survive.

The icy chill of the darkness starts to set in,

As I wander aimlessly through the unknown,

My eyes search for a glimmer of light,

But I find only darkness that covers the night.

The darkness engulfs me like a thick fog,

It's a feeling that I can't seem to shake off,

The fear that I feel is overwhelming,

I can't seem to find my way out of the darkness.

I'm stuck in this abyss of nothingness,

I'm trying to break free from this emptiness,

The darkness seems to be my only friend,

But it's a friend that I'm afraid to keep.

The darkness is a cruel master,

It's a force that I can't seem to control,

The darkness seems to take over me,

And I can't seem to break free.

The darkness is like a prison,

It's a place where I'm always alone,

The darkness has become my home,

And I'm stuck in this darkness all alone.

Darkness, shadows creep,

A chill that runs deep,

Nights so still and black,

The monsters behind our backs.

A veil of mist,

A night of bliss,

The world is so still,

The chill that we feel.

The moon and stars,

Hidden from the sky,

The night is so dark,

Darkness, the enemy of light.

Fear and dread,

Fear of the unknown,

The night is so silent,

The darkness too deep to roam.

But there is a beauty,

In the darkness of night,

A stillness that lingers,

A respite from the light.

A time for reflection,

A time for rest,

A time to be still,

And forget the stress.

Darkness is a mystery,

An unknown abyss,

But it can be comforting,

To let go, and just rest.

It is part of us all,

A reminder of life,

A reminder of death,

And a reminder of strife.

Darkness is a part of the cycle,

The yin and the yang,

It can be fearful,

But sometimes it can be beautiful and grand.

Darkness is a part of life,

It can be frightening,

But it can also be a solace,

A place of comforting.

So embrace the darkness,

It's here to stay,

It can be a comfort,

In a world of light and gray.

Darkness is a natural phenomenon that occurs when there is a lack of light. It can be seen as a physical, psychological, and spiritual force. Physically, darkness is the absence of visible light and can be used to describe the time of night, a cave, or the color black. Psychologically, darkness can be seen as a source of fear, mystery, and even peace. People often use the metaphor of 'the dark night of the soul' to describe an emotional or spiritual low point. The spiritual implications of darkness can be seen in the rituals of many religions. People often use darkness as a way of connecting to their inner selves, symbolizing the unknown and the unknowable. It can bring about a sense of serenity, allowing for a deeper connection with the divine. Darkness can also be seen as a reminder of our mortality, and the fragility of life. Darkness is a powerful force, both physically and psychologically, that can be used to create a sense of awe and mystery.

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