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Enjoy your life

By vanshika 111Published 10 months ago 3 min read

A joyous morning, a bright new day

The world is alive, a lovely sight to see

The sun is shining, the sky is blue

A perfect day for joy to renew

The birds are singing their sweetest songs

The flowers in bloom like a beautiful throng

The trees are swaying in the gentle breeze

A day of peace and harmony

Time to take a walk around

To take in all the beauty that we've found

To enjoy the simple things in life

And embrace each moment with no strife

Time to appreciate the wonder of creation

The beauty of the earth and its relation

To the peace that comes with a single thought

As we contemplate the life we’ve got

Time to forget our everyday worries

And take in the beauty that abounds

Time to take in the sights and sounds

And feel the joy that can be found

Time to be thankful for the moments we share

And the memories that we cherish and care

Time to find joy in the little things

And make the most of the joy that life brings

Enjoy the beauty of life,

Though it's fleeting and rife,

Let us take in each moment,

And appreciate our omens.

Find joy in the sun's rays,

And the way the light plays,

On the surface of a lake,

That our hearts can partake.

Appreciate the colors that adorn,

The trees, flowers, and lawn,

Let us be thankful for the view,

That's so vibrant, bright, and true.

Find pleasure in the simple things,

Like a butterfly's fluttering wings,

Or a family dinner with laughter and cheer,

That brings us all closer and ever so near.

Let us take delight in the journey of life,

And never succumb to the stress and strife,

Remember to enjoy the moments of peace,

And find joy in the life we all lead.

Take time to pause,

And find solace in the cause,

That will bring us all together,

In the life that we treasure.

Let us take pleasure in the little things,

The sunsets, the rainbows, and the birds that sing,

Let us enjoy the beauty that lies within,

The special moments that will never end.

Let us spread joy and cheer,

To those around us that we hold dear,

Let us enjoy the beauty of life,

That's forever fleeting, and forever rife.

Enjoy thy moments of life,

For in them lies the joy of life.

Take pleasure in the little things,

For a life of contentment they bring.

Appreciate the beauty of life,

For it may pass you by in a jiffy.

Let your passions soar,

And never worry about what others may think or say.

Follow your dreams,

And make the most of everyday.

Let your laughter echo in the air,

Let your heart be filled with joy and care.

Smile and light up the day,

For a life of joy is the only way.

Be happy as you can be,

For joy is a part of life, you see.

Live every moment and make it count,

For you will never get it back, no amount.

Do not let your fears consume you,

For life is too short and too few.

Enjoy the moments of life,

Let joy fill your soul like a knife.

Take time to appreciate all around,

For moments of joy will abound.

Be thankful for what you have,

And let go of the things that make you sad.

Enjoy life's beauty,

For it's a gift from God, no doubt to me.

Let your worries pass you by,

And enjoy life's bounty with a sigh.

Take pleasure in the little things,

For a life of contentment it brings.

Life is too short, so enjoy each day,

And may joy come your way.

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