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Pennies and Trees

by Mike Owczarek 8 months ago in love poems
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A Feeling Like None Other

When the wind blows,

my mind simply knows

what is stirring the sound.

Rooted from the ground;

the strength, life, and gentleness

always proving profound.

Funny how I look up

to admire and escape.


Never failing to look straight,

and somehow shining,

I find one laying around.

Heads up.



I'm on the right path.

This world is the plate.

And I'm always hungry for more,

till pennies and trees

remind me of the score.

I'm where I need to be.

Winning as I see.

Not through sight,

but more from feel.

It is these moments,

bringing me sense of belonging,

and making it oh so real.

For now that I get a touch of home,

whether with family, friends,

strangers or alone,

I know I have more to offer

and what a joy it is to share.

Let us both feel like home,

and take each other there.

love poems

About the author

Mike Owczarek

I journal and take notes with a pen, and I write poetry with a marker.

Poetry, Articles, Blogs, Journal

Fitness | Mindset | Journey

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