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Close your eyes and imagine you’re walking on a pebble beachCan you feel the sharpness of rocks tickle beneath your feet?

Are your toes curdling at the squeamishness of wet sand?Do you feel the lack of power when walking or even trying to stand?

Are you dizzy beneath the sun, perhaps anxious when trying to run?If this were a race, would you attempt to compete at the rattle of a gun?

How about the feel of carpet, concrete or most cobblestone streets?Are they all feeling familiar compared to those sandy sharp feet?

Are you forever in disbelief that you’ll reach home without falling?Stumbling, crawling, crossing two left feet and just stalling?

Are you anxious of your actions, as if your uneven balance is disastrous?Do you feel the eyes on you, engulfing you into the mentality of blackness?

Does the world feel too much to you, even on the brightest of days?Do you wish you could just relax, smile and pave a new way astray?

Are your legs feeling tired and close to almost buckling?Do you wish your feet would guide you in oppose to always struggling?

If you are feeling nauseous and your legs aren’t worthy of seaThen just know you’re not alone, because you’re just the same as me

Jord Tury
Jord Tury
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