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April 28th, 2024

By Sofia Loren PerezPublished about a month ago 1 min read
image taken by Victoria (IG: @violeta.mp3._)


What words describe your beauty?

Though your body is made of earthly clay,

Aphrodite must have shed one of her pearls

During your creation, for

Your lustrous skin caught my eye the moment we met.

Draped in moonlight,

Veiled in Athena’s lace,

I mistook you for my bride.

Morpheus knew of the countless nights

I envisioned you and reached out for your embrace.

There is no shame in your naivety,

No finer jewels than those set in your full face.

A mind full of thoughts that birth my desires,

And words spoken so beautifully that

Enchant my mind with each syllable.

A gift to mankind, torture to my soul.

Curiously, you opened the crusted lid of my heart

And released plight amongst my creations.

Hope remains for your nourishment

And serves as my poison.

The will of Zeus does not compare

To your beauty and grace that draws

My heart to your precious hands.

Mother of my children, but wife to my brother.

Our love is consecrated in the deluge.

Bound to this rock,

My passions are consumed as punishment,

But know my love escaped me and took shelter in your bosom.

My greatest punishment is death without your embrace;

You are the gift I was never meant to receive.

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About the Creator

Sofia Loren Perez

Entries from my lifelong series: The Diary of a Biracial Girl. All work is my own. Find me on social media: @thesofloren.

"Through waves of insanity

Your solace rises in the East

And calms my stormy waters."


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    Sofia Loren PerezWritten by Sofia Loren Perez

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